Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Night Scorecard - Giants at Braves

- Please ESPN, no more Curt Schilling in the booth!  Kruk is bad enough, but when the two old guys get a'ramblin #getoffmylawn
- Freddie Freeman has a ridiculous name, and a great approach. Some call him the new Lyle Overbay, which I take to mean he was once mistaken by a 16 year old me as a made up player in a video game and will soon become a Blue Jay for me to love, until I wish for him to be gone. 
- When did the Giants get shitty? If Marco Scutaro is the glue holding everything better glue I guess?!
- Jokes aside, they really have nothing outside Posey with all the injuries #getwellsoonPanda
- Tim Lincecum's clone pitched in the 8th inning.  Apparently if you're a 33rd round draft pick, you don't get to eat from the team food table. Dude is 6'4 and 188lbs. I hope he spends his per diem on liquor and hot wings. 

**Another tip of the cap to Stevo-sama (@yoshiki89) for his free-to-use score sheets. Check out for the free download.