Monday, April 18, 2011

The Snider Stache

Last September, after a bit of heartache, I was feeling down in the dumps (I suppose in retrospect I was also mourning the end of my best baseball season ever.) As I laid on the couch, likely in my pajamas eating chips, I turned on the TV. It was Cito’s last game as manager and the last home game of the season. My spirits were immediately lifted by the following image:

Yes, I took a picture of my tv. That is not the point! This beautiful display of comradery appealed directly to my big heart and discerning sense of humour. The stache looked as good on Snider as that HR he hit in the bottom of the first. It was really touching of them to honour Cito in such a thoughtful manner. In the midst of my stachegasm, my friend Jenna, stopped by to say hi/console me. The next morning, I arrived at work to find this beautiful spread in my inbox.

The Frenchman

The Cito

The Overstache

The Fu Manchu

The Plumber

The Mutton Chops

The Lumber Jack

The Kitty

The Adolph

Jenna totally gets me. I was a little disappointed last week when Snides shaved off his mustache for the Mariners series (thankfully he kept the luscious locks). I suspect he was just following the code. Like Lyle Overbay and his overstache last season, poor performance will always take the novelty out of an ironic mustache.

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