Monday, July 11, 2011

The Most Interesting Thing of the Night

Unlike some other bloggers, I loved tonight's Home Run Derby.

How appropriate was it to see no one player go on a tear that would make anyone utter the word "steroids" or even "steroid era". Instead we heard "sweet swing" and "so smooth". It speaks volumes to the amazing amounts of change in the game that the true big-power in the Derby really never showed up.

Sure, Prince and Papi put on a bit of a show. Jose Bautista saves his homeruns for real games (or he was distracted and wanted to go and earn the fandom of every wife made to watch the Derby tonight).
Tonight belonged to the doubles hitter. Cano and Gonzalez were able to turn up the power and avoid those pesky gap shots to make 450 feet seem like you and I could go out and do that tomorrow night at my softball game.

But, as the title of this post suggests...there was something more important than baseball going on tonight. With no Ryan Braun, Travis Snider or Alex Rodriguez, baseball was left with no pretty boy in the event tonight.
That is...until Matt Kemp stepped into the batters box...and into the hearts of ladies across the world.

Co-worker, marketing wiz and closet baseball fanatic Jess Parkes sent me the following text message:
"Mmmm, he is delicious"
Quickly followed by:
"It's a bat off! I don't even know what that means" (neither did the players)
"awwww Baby Bautista"

Tip of the cap to Jess, CaptainLatte (for the screen grab) and Robinson Cano...tomorrow's game won't have nearly this much excitement in it.

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