Monday, July 11, 2011

Nothing Like a Good Derby

With the relative amount of non-fanboy posts I've put up on here it may surprise you that I love the Home Run Derby. It's the one event that has no advanced metrics, no's just pure instant gratification.

This all may stem from my adoration of players like Ken Griffey Jr., Juan Gonzalez and Albert Belle when I was a kid. Talking about this with a colleague today, it seems that Junior Griffey was a pretty damn good ball player (file this under #newstome). It also might have something to do with the fact that I was an absolutely dreadful hitter. Decent pitcher, good with the glove...but nothing but a scrapbook full of slap singles. Not surprisingly, as a softball player now, I always try to hit the long ball...much to the dismay of my teammates.

The one thing I would love to see MLB do with this event is include not only the All-Stars, but the best HR hitters in the game. Who wouldn't want to watch Jay Bruce and Mike Stanton go head to head? Or have this event for the Futures Day as Bryce Harper put on a hitting display.

As an aside, I'd also love to see a 90 foot sprint-off. (Cue agents yelling simultaneously at their computer screens, NO!). Wouldn't it be awesome to see Michael Bourne vs. Rajai Davis? Mike Trout vs. Peter Bourjos? These type of sprints happen in the spring, so why not bring them to prime-time?

Anyways...tonight I'll be playing the Jose Bautista Drinking Game. Rules as such...
- for every mention of "54 Home Runs out of nowhere" take a drink
- each mention of Jose's improved batting eye (over .100 points better in '11), take a drink
- for every homerun between 360-450 feet take a drink
- for every homerun over 450 take two drinks
- for every homerun over 500 feet take three drinks
**if Chris Berman uses the heralded Cadbury Egg Homerun Call (you'll know it when you hear it)

And if for no other reason then my google search for HomeRun Derby videos led me to this...I ask for your indulgence

Enjoy the Derby!

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