Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kick a Man While He's Down

I make no attempt to hide the fact that I'm a Blue Jays fan, especially when I'm writing.  But more than that, I'm a fan of the game of baseball.

The direction that sports journalism is taking is a slippery that is remarkably close to the TMZ culture than down the middle reporting.  I make the choice to consume most of my sports news via blogs from friends, colleagues and their recommendations.  I also make a point to follow any writers that I've enjoyed in the past.  


Dirk, I've enjoyed your books.  Your website is really slick and it's admirable that you wear your heart on your sleeve and don't censor yourself.  But you've been beating the Ricky Romero is broken drum for almost a full calendar year.  After he blew up on May 8 in Tampa you spilled some digital ink about how he was ruined.

At that point, your opinion was more than clear.

I won't wax poetic about what he (or any writers anywhere) should be writing about.  Fortunately for me, twitter is an opt-in service and I'm in no way obliged to continue to follow his opinions.

The ups and downs of every season, no doubt, wear on everyone.  As a fan, it's easy for me to sit at home and watch the games while making quips about it on twitter or to my very tolerant wife.  I'm certain that sportswriters that are asked to write about every game and interact with the fans run out of things to say.  This particular brand of low-hanging fruit, on a day when the team he covers had an impressive win over a division rival, reeked of having an axe to grind.

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