Thursday, April 21, 2011

Braving the Upper Deck

With my trusty Star pass, I have gone to 6 out of 8 home games. That works out to about $71 [($11x3) + ($14x2) + ($2 service fees x 5)] in ‘spending’ versus the $114 total cost of the pass (this includes taxes and service fees; the home opener was excluded from the pass). Therefore, I am only 38% or about 3.5 games away from the break-even point and its only April. (Win!) Note: Stay tuned for my post-season analysis of Jays wins vs. losses, with the added variable of whether or not I attended.

Although I love a good deal (my natural response to a compliment is to tell the person what a great deal I got), I am finding it a little challenging to acclimatize to the 500 level savagery. Some observations and thoughts:

1) I am a busy lady and sometimes can’t get to the game for first pitch. I have always abided by the rule that you respect the batter and the other patrons by waiting between batters to walk to your seats. I can safely say without generalizing that the majority of people in the 500 level do not respect this rule. I would also argue that they are not aware of this courtesy. Does the rule not apply to the 500s? This annoys me both when I am seated (Would you please sit the fuck down so I can watch the game?) and when I am patiently waiting at the entrance as groups and groups of people push by me to get to their seats. They look at me like I am in the way and I look back at them with disdain. Also in this category, excess trips to the lobby. Please can we just watch some baseball?

2) I know quite a few people who have passes and sometimes I will venture over to another section to watch an inning or two. This week, I visited an old friend from grade school and his posse. It was a close game that the Jays ended-up winning (albeit the luck dragon was in the house. Also here and here). I think they really needed our support, especially against those assface Yankees. The boys I visited with actually booed and heckled the Jays! I was astounded especially since they were supposed Jays’ fans.’ They really hated on Johnny Mac which is a definite sore spot (more to come on that another day). After they moved on to Hill, I gracefully made my escape. I also thanked my lucky stars that that sacrifice bunt worked out for John McDonald.

A similar incident happened last night. I brought some ladies from work with me and my beloved work spouse also heckled the Jays! I will give her credit in that she quickly picked up on her own that Colon was fat and that she should yell that. I also feel she was egging me on to an extent. She was not being very supportive of Jays pitchers (at one point she yelled at Casey Jansesen “You only have thrown 6 pitches and already have two on base, you suck!”) I, in total seriousness, told her I was never going to another game with her again. Her response was to cheer for Jeter and tell me that she is going to get me a Jeter jersey for my upcoming birthday. Not even funny. (Note: I love my work spouse and am clearly not petty enough to let this experience permanently affect our relationship.) I think that, with regard to baseball company, I have been really spoiled by my two awesome baseball mentors and my neighbor; I’ve come to expect a certain level of poise and intelligence from fellow fans (well except for the days that we all get wicked drunk). It’s either that or the boys have groomed me into some sort of baseball snob.

3) Please don’t try to continually start the wave. If it doesn’t catch on after 3 tries (that is me being charitable), just give up. You suck.

4) Why are the floors so disgustingly sticky up there? Where is the beer guy?

5) To all the gentlemen out there who want to come scope out some good cleavage and tons of ‘I Heart BJs’ shirts, the 500 level has no shortage.

6) I saw a guy get kicked out a couple of weeks ago. He was a 500 crowd favourite. I was happy that I could see but not hear him. Upon being escorted out, he got a standing ovation from his neighbouring sections. This was mildly entertaining for about 2 seconds but then he hulk –style ripped off his t-shirt. It was amazing.

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  1. It's like you took my baseball pet peeves and wrote them out for me.