Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Welcome to Relay to Home.

As an amateur baseball player, avid baseball fan and fantasy baseball addict, I have recently found myself waxing poetic about the game I love with my friends.

Many of the great memories I have to this point in my life are times at the ball park. Whether it was my own triumphs (or lack thereof) on the diamond, or my times in the stands watching my beloved Blue Jays play, I cannot deny that baseball has had, and continues to have a profound impact on my life. What do I want to provide here? Baseball talk for the every fan. Now that doesn't mean that I want to be a fanboy and jump on every wrong move that is made or declare that my favorite teams are going to win championships. I want to continue with the stream of rational, intelligent baseball chatter that I find all over the internet.

I've engaged several of my colleagues as well to contribute posts. A transplanted Brewers fan living in Albuquerque, NM. A fellow Blue Jays fan working for a Canadian football team. A new fantasy baseball player who is blown away by her run of bad luck through the first 10 games of the year. And myself...a box office working, softball playing, hopefully rational fan that can contribute something to the blogosphere about the game I love.

So thank you for stopping by! I'm really excited to start my stream of conscious thought about the greatest game in the world.



  1. Is Liz the one having all the bad luck? Poor Liz.

  2. Yeah, it is Liz. When her roster gets healthy it'll be great. But so far she's been insanely unlucky.