Friday, May 6, 2011

Major League 3 Link Party

I'm not sure if this is even real news...but on a slow Friday in baseball news THIS LINK came across my Google feed.

On Monday night, the Getting Blanked baseball blog over at The Score hosted its second of three movie nights at Toronto's historic cinema - The Revue. A small, but interesting crowd of baseball enthusiasts enjoyed the 1989 classic, Major League. Afterwards, Dustin Parkes and his entourage of followers made our way over to a local beer dispensing venue and watched for election results and various other sports news.

Parkes, and his co-hort, Andrew Stoeten, have co-authored the popular Blue Jays blog Drunk Jays Fans for the better part of the last 4 years. In the early part of 2011 they became the founding members (along with Drew Fairservice) of Getting Blanked. What they have created is an underground community of intelligent (most of the time), informed baseball conversation in the city of Toronto. The writing is very non-partisan, and walks a fine line between stat-head and fan commentary, and it's well worth checking out.

But I a young boy, I was introduced to the Major League franchise with it's sequel, Major League 2. I thought it was great, and was quick to seek out the original at the movie store in Barrie, ON. Now, the relative shitty-ness of the sequel to the original is to be expected, but with the new levels of insanity shown by Charlie Sheen and the always entertaining levels of borderline psychosis by Brian Wilson, one can only hope that the third installment of this franchise will be as entertaining as it seems it can be.

Something tells me this won't be dull!

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